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    Working Saves EU

    Post by Xinocide on Mon Jun 07, 2010 7:28 am

    1. Plug your memory device into your ps3
    2. On your XMB menu go to "Game" then "Save Data Utility"
    3. Go to your current save for "Uncharted Darke's Fortune" and press TRIANGLE then "Copy" and the location being your memory device.

    1. Plug your memory device with your save data from your ps3 into your computer and go through the folders until you see the files it should be under PS3 > SAVEDATA > YOUR GAME SAVE FOLDER (Dont change this folder name)
    2. Copy the 'USR-DATA' files from your downloaded save into that folder, replacing those files on your own save game.

    1. Delete your current save off the PS3 "Save Data Utility" Menu
    1. Plug your memory device back into your ps3
    2. On your XMB go to "Game" then "Save Data Utility" and go into your memory device, go to the game save and press TRIANGLE - this will copy the save to your "Save Data Utility"

    Silver Trophy Charted! - Easy
    Gold Trophy Charted! - Normal
    Gold Trophy Charted! - Hard
    Gold Trophy Charted! - Crushing
    Its just before Final Boss Smile

    Click Here To Download The Saves
    Bronze Trophy First Treasure
    Bronze Trophy Beginner Fortune Hunter
    Go and pickup treasure No.05 "Golden Inca Cup
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    Bronze Trophy Novice Fortune Hunter
    Bronze Trophy Enthusiast Fortune Hunter
    Bronze Trophy Intermediate Fortune Hunter
    Bronze Trophy Skilled Fortune Hunter
    Bronze Trophy Proficient Fortune Hunter
    Bronze Trophy Advanced Fortune Hunter
    Bronze Trophy Professional Fortune Hunter
    Bronze Trophy Senior Fortune Hunter
    Bronze Trophy Expert Fortune Hunter
    Bronze Trophy Crack Fortune Hunter
    Silver Trophy Master Fortune Hunter
    Bronze Trophy Relic Finder
    Just Find The Next Treasure And Trophy is Yours ,)

    Click Here To Download The Saves

    Bronze Trophy 50 Kills: Moss - 12
    Bronze Trophy 50 Kills: PM - 9mm
    Bronze Trophy 20 Kills: Desert - 5
    Bronze Trophy 50 Kills: SAS - 12
    Bronze Trophy 30 Kills: MP40
    Bronze Trophy 30 Kills: M79
    Bronze Trophy 50 Kills: AK-47
    Bronze Trophy 50 Kills: 92FS - 9mm
    Bronze Trophy 20 Kills: Mk-NDI
    Bronze Trophy 50 Kills: M4
    Bronze Trophy 50 Kills: Micro - 9mm
    Bronze Trophy 20 Kills: Wes - 44
    Bronze Trophy 10 Headshots
    Bronze Trophy 30 Headshots
    Silver Trophy 100 Headshots
    Bronze Trophy Headshot Expert
    Bronze Trophy Brutal Brawler
    Silver Trophy Brutal Slugger
    Silver Trophy Brutal Expert
    Bronze Trophy Grenade Hangman
    Bronze Trophy Hangman
    Silver Trophy Stealth Attacker
    Silver Trophy Survivor
    Bronze Trophy Steel Fist
    Silver Trophy Steel Fist Expert
    1 Or More kills With The Gun type ;-)
    Click Here To Download The Saves

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