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    Working Saves EU & US


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    Working Saves EU & US

    Post by Xinocide on Sun Jun 06, 2010 6:41 pm

    Working for EU & US =)

    For me it worked doing this:
    1. Change your Systemdate to 05.02.2010 to get the "Day Tripper" Trophy
    2. Start the Game. Choose Story Mode and then Story until you get to the Screen where you can choose the Song you want to Play. Than go back to the Mainmenu in order to create a Savegame.
    3. Save your Gamesave on an USB Device as Usual.
    4. Replace your TBRB.SAV File with the one downloaded here (after extracted it)
    5. Copy Save from USB Device to your Account again and start up the Game

    Ok. Load up the Story and Play the last Song on the Apple Building. You must earn at least 3 Stars. Shouldn't be that hard You will get these Trophies:
    I Saw the Photograph

    Bronze Trophy - In Penny Lane There is a Barber
    Silver Trophy - Passed the Audition

    After that you unlock the Song "The End". Play it to get this one;

    Silver Trophy - The Love You Make

    After that you can play 1 song in The Cavern, The Ed Sullivan Show, the Shea Stadium, Budokan and the Abbey Road-Studio 2 to earn all the "Location-Based" Trophies.


    SAVE 2:
    You only have to play the Challenge "The Ed Sullivans Show '64"
    Its the shortest one with only 4 Songs.

    Bronze Trophy - Mr. K Will Challenge the World

    and if you 5* all 4 Songs you will get this, too.

    Bronze Trophy - Toppermost of the Poppermost

    And if you haven't used the first Save you will get these two:

    Bronze Trophy - In Penny Lane There is a Barber

    Bronze Trophy - I Saw the Photograph


    Load up Save with this File.
    Go to the Story Mode and play "Eight Days a Wee" at the Shea Stadium '65
    You must earn 5 Stars. Try on Easy Mode. Its pretty simple.

    If you haven't used the Gamesave posted in Post 1 it will unlock the next 4 Trophies.

    Bronze Trophy - I Saw the Photograph

    Bronze Trophy - In Penny Lane There is a Barber

    If you have used the files in the above it will only unlock these two:

    Bronze Trophy - Images of Broken Light
    Gold Trophy - All You Need Is Love
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    Credit : v0lcom

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