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    WET (Working Saves) EU & US


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    WET (Working Saves) EU & US

    Post by Admin on Sun May 16, 2010 10:01 am

    1. Plug your memory device into your ps3
    2. On your XMB menu go to "Game" then "Save Data Utility"
    3. Go to your current save for "WET" and press TRIANGLE then "Copy" and the location being your memory device.

    1. Plug your memory device with your save data from your ps3 into your computer and go through the folders until you see the files it should be under PS3 > SAVEDATA > YOUR GAME SAVE FOLDER (Dont change this folder name)
    2. Copy the '.DAT' files from your downloaded save into that folder, replacing those files on your own save game.

    1. Delete your current save off the PS3 "Save Data Utility" Menu
    1. Plug your memory device back into your ps3
    2. On your XMB go to "Game" then "Save Data Utility" and go into your memory device, go to the game save and press TRIANGLE - this will copy the save to your "Save Data Utility"

    Bronze Trophy Monkey Curious!
    Bronze Trophy Monkey Addict!
    Bronze Trophy Revoler Onslaught!
    Bronze Trophy Shotgun Wallop!
    Bronze Trophy Full-Auto Frenzy!
    Bronze Trophy Cutting Edge Combat
    Bronze Trophy Guns Don't Kill People...
    Bronze Trophy Target Score Sampler!
    Bronze Trophy Turret-Syndrome
    Bronze Trophy The Opera House
    Bronze Trophy Impulse Buyer!
    Bronze Trophy Bonafied!
    Bronze Trophy No Sweat!
    Bronze Trophy Crossbow Blitz!
    Silver Trophy Quick Kills
    Silver Trophy Fully Capable!
    Silver Trophy Bone-Head
    Silver Trophy Keep Your Balance
    Silver Trophy Business as Usual
    Silver Trophy Hey Big Spender!
    Silver Trophy Target Score Needy!
    Silver Trophy Fully Loaded!
    Gold Trophy Target Score Junkie!
    Gold Trophy Hard Time
    Gold Trophy Blood, Sweat and Tears
    Gold Trophy Total Bone-Head

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    Bronze Trophy - Chinatown Rundown
    Bronze Trophy - Vehicular Carnage
    Bronze Trophy - Boneyard Workout
    Bronze Trophy - You Dirty Rat
    Bronze Trophy - Everybody Runs
    Bronze Trophy - Falling for Kafka
    Bronze Trophy - Uninvited Guest
    Bronze Trophy - Breaking the Ice
    Bronze Trophy - The Opera House
    Bronze Trophy - Shock Therapy
    Bronze Trophy - Road Rage
    Bronze Trophy - Head to Head



    Silver Trophy - Monkey Obsessed


    After that go into the game ,into challenge mode, then points count and select last level( HEAD-TO-HEAD), and get first monkey in this level.

    1)after level load, you can go straight till wall then turn right.
    2)after that,jump over pipe's till you see monkey on balcony.
    3)get monkey and the trophy will pop up.

    [center]2 Trophies to get platinum! =)

    Group Therapy:B: - Kill 3 Enemies at the same time.
    Scorpio:S: - Kill every Scorpion in Rubi's Boneyard.

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