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    Working Saves (by ranged)


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    Working Saves (by ranged)

    Post by Xinocide on Wed May 26, 2010 12:07 pm

    Copy your ps3 "dead to rights" save to a usb,
    Open your usb-ps3-savedata-Your dead to rights save,
    drag the downloaded file into that folder and replace it,
    copy it back to your ps3 and do whatever it says below to unlock them.

    If you complete one Level you will get:

    Just like Dad would have done
    Complete the game on any difficulty level
    Best cop this city's ever Had
    Complete the game on OFFICER difficulty

    Complete the game on DETECTIV difficulty

    Medal of merit
    Bronze rating on every level

    Medal of bravery
    Silver rating on every level

    Medal of valor
    Gold rating on every level

    Make one kill of every type and you can get:

    Perform a Shadow groin takedown

    Crime and punishment
    Perform 50 takedowns

    Dog´s dinner
    Perform 50 Shadow kills

    Bring a gun to a fist fight
    Perform 50 disarms

    It´s all the timing
    Perform 50 counters

    Perform 200 3-hit combos

    Dash evade 50 strikes

    Head Banger
    Open 10 doors with a hostage head

    Dog Tag
    Perform a tag team kill with Shwadow

    Perform 100 5-hit combos

    On loadup you will get:

    The price of justice
    Collect 25 cop badges

    Honor the deat
    Collect 50 cop badges

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] To Download The Save

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