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    SOCOM EU (PSN Store Save)


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    SOCOM EU (PSN Store Save)

    Post by Xinocide on Wed May 26, 2010 11:35 am

    1. Download the platinum save.
    2. Sync the trophies on the account you want platinum for.
    3. Make sure the only save file you have for the account you want platinum on is the one youve downloaded.
    4. Start Socom UK SAS Confrontation, play a full ranked quick match on it. (full 5-8 rounds)
    5. After you finish the game you should see in the top right hand corner: "You Did Not Earn A Trophy" popping up, when it stops quit the game.
    6. Now delete the platinum save you downloaded.
    7. Start Socom UK SAS Confrontation, no save data will appear on the screen press o for it to create a new one.
    8. Play a full ranked quick match, after wait roughly about 2 mins for all the trophies to start comin through (the ps3 will slow right down n look like its crashed be patient wait for it to finish).
    9. Quit the game sync your trophies... You Now Have Socom UK SAS Confrontation PLATINUM!

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