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    Working Glitch


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    Working Glitch

    Post by Xinocide on Wed Jun 30, 2010 7:15 pm



    Step 1) Go to multiplayer and choose ranked match

    Step 2) Set your filter to look for Death Match, just leave the mount of players alone(set to any)

    Step 3) Get it to start searching for a match

    Step 4) When it says "1" amount of players, waiting for "x" amount of players, back out all the way to the main menu

    Step 5) Choose campaign, pick Marines campaign and choose to select a level.

    Step 6) Select the FIRST LEVEL and play through the level until you get to the part where alot of aliens come from behind the barricades and on the ceiling.

    Step 7) Here is the different part!! Kill as many as you can until you have no more ammo, then go for the elevator. After you go down the elevator you get to a new check point, this is what you do. Just keep killing yourself with the secondary fire on your rifle. I know this dont make sense but just keep doing this and in about 10 minutes you will get both trophies.

    Trophies are...

    Silver Trophy - Welcome to The Party
    Gold Trophy - Real Nasty Habit



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    Re: Working Glitch

    Post by Merc on Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:48 am

    this dont work anymore.. n if you are goin to post MY find, at least ask me. but as of the 1.02 patch the glitch dont work..

    here is my original post that got copied on put on MANY different sites..

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