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    Working Glith

    Post by Xinocide on Fri Jun 18, 2010 2:21 pm

    credits to sas_smithy

    1. Load up Multiplayer Click Find Game.

    2. Now to find a person with a high rank that is the host of the game.

    3. Now press (X) just once on the game u joining.
    4. Keep spamming the circle button so you dont enter the lobby it bk you out to main menu.

    5. If successful back main menu without enter the lobby.

    6. Go to UNLOCKS Press (X) once spam (O) once again.7. After backing out of unlocks press (X) once no more spamming you will then.

    8. Copy another persons stats so if he was 50 you now will be Rank 50.

    9.Keep your rank play one ranked match and you will get your trophies.

    Youtube video for those that can't read(just kidding)

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