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    Working Glitch


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    Working Glitch

    Post by Xinocide on Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:48 am

    The glitch discovered apparently allows this easy-peasy trophy-earning stunt merely by watching a replay of another player's play through via the game menu. Whatever trophy the player gets from the footage, the "audience player" gets it too...

    You have to complete Chapter 1 in Story Mode to unlock Team Missions...

    Next, go to team missions and go to select mission then press (L1) now that your on ultimate ninja press (Triangle) on Ultimate Ninja 05 and (Triangle) again to go to top of leaderboard then scroll down to Rank 27 DUKE___TOGO (my rank might have dropped some) and Press (X) to download my profile and then once you can see my stats in the game press (X) to download the attachment that i have uploaded...

    Now DELETE.!.!. patch and start up game Exclamation (make sure you are not online when you start game) Exclamation

    Then go to Ninja Cinema to view the video you just downloaded...Watch the gameplay all the way through and when you go back to the main menu your trophies will ding in...

    You will get ...

    Bronze Trophy - Dragon Sword Master
    Bronze Trophy - Lunar Staff Master
    Bronze Trophy - Eclipse Scythe Master
    Bronze Trophy - Falcon's Talons Master
    Bronze Trophy - Tonfa Master
    Bronze Trophy - Vigoorian Flail Master
    Bronze Trophy - Feat of a Thousand Obliterations
    Bronze Trophy - Feat of Ultimate Destruction
    Bronze Trophy - Izuna Drop Master
    Bronze Trophy - Guillotine Throw Master

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